Smart Home vs Dumb Home Revolution

smart home vs dumb home revolutionWe don’t see much on the surface – yet – but beneath us there’s pressure building to unsettle the million of people who live their happy lives.

Don’t worry it’s nothing bad but it will surprise you if your not ready for the smart home vs dumb home revolution that is coming. That’s right, I said Smart Home vs Dumb Home Revolution!

What will this revolution involve?

The smart home vs dumb home revolution will involve replacing most of our home appliances and electronics with new equipment that can be networked together and controlled with software installed on  our smartphone and tablet devices.

That’s right, your coffee maker will be controlled by an iPhone or Android app, and so will your washer and dryer.

Housing Market Tipping Point

What can I do to prepare my home? Most of us won’t do anything but there are already products available that can retrofit dumb homes if you ready want to get started.

I’ve also read about newer homes that are being built from ground up with smart home technology.

Home Automation System Demo Video – Control4 Smart Home Technology



Smart Home Technology is heating up and we”ll be there to cover this revolution…

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